Cheated on my wife.. with her sister :(


Cheated on my wife.. with her sisterI simply do not have the courage to tell my wife about it and feel I have sinned. I have confessed at the local church, but these feelings of guilt are tormenting me day and night. It was a couple of months back when my wife’s sister, Laura, came to stay with us to help out with the housework as she prepared for her second delivery. She is a young girl, about 22, year old and attractive. Soon she and I were spending lots of time together. She was helping me run the house, during those final days of my wife’s pregnancy, running errands, picking our three year old daughter form her playschool, etc. We found that we liked each other’s company although I had hardly met her after my marriage. Besides, she was a kid when I got married to Cathy. It happened one night when I went in her bedroom one night to drop some pillows. What followed happened so fast that both of us just got carried on with the flow of emotions or was it only lust, I wonder?

Today, I feel I must have lost my senses completely. How could I do that with my wife lying in the next room and our three year old daughter? I often wonder if I am a man of loose morals and character. Things are back to normal and everything is running as if nothing happened. Laura has gone back, and we have been blessed with another pretty daughter. I wonder if Laura will spill the beans some day and what will happen if Cathy finds out. Every phone call from Laura leaves me anxious for days and I start suspecting when they have those long talks together as sisters. I wonder if it will continue like this or what Laura will expect from me when she visits next time.

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  1. A.C.Hitsman-Cordingly says

    You have ****** up. There is no other way to say it. Guilt is the worst of emotions because it eats away at your heart. You won’t be truly happy with your beautiful new family until you get over this and the only way to get rid of guilt is to do the one thing you are terrified of doing. And that is telling your wife. She will hate you, be angry at you, feel repulsed by you, but above all she will feel betrayed. If you truly love her, then tell her the truth, and let her get through it. In the end it will be her decision to trust you again or leave you. If she trusts you again at the end of the long dark tunnel then that’s brilliant. If she decides that she can’t live with you anymore then you have to let her go. That doesn’t mean that you are no longer the father of her children. You still have to be there for those two beautiful little girls and make sure their lives are the best they can be. You have a dark time ahead but in the darkest of times try to console yourself with the fact that you are moving through it. You are doing something to make it better.

  2. BambiDahl says

    Wow dude. That is all kinds of wrong. My ex husband slept with my sister while I was at work when we had a young son she was helping take care of and it devastated me. You are going to end up divorced over that little “lust” and it’s going to also tear her family apart as well. Man, I don’t even know what to say to you. You probably should come clean and tell your wife. It will be better than hearing it from your sister. If she hears it from her, it’s going to be way worse. But get ready, she’s going to seriously fly off the handle or just leave. And you deserve every bit of it.

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