I had sex with my brother in law


No one has ever made me feel like this...Yes, you read that right. I did, in fact, had sex with my brother in law. It is kinda sick if you think about it because I had sex with my sister’s husband. That is just nasty to be honest, but I was young and dumb when it happened, and I wanted some excitement in my life at the time. I was only 22 years old, and he was older, he was 32 years old.

This feeling that we had lasted for about six months, which was awesome. No one ever knew about it, I know my sister suspected it though. Everyone around us expected that there was something going on because we never liked each other until we started having sex.

I don’t remember how it started out, but my sister and my brother in law were moving, and I was there helping him clean. My sister wasn’t there, and the kids wasn’t there either. So I was curious about his **** because I heard around town that he had a big one, and I wanted to check it out. Sure enough, it was a decent size. After that, we just started having sex, just like that.

What excited me was that we were hiding what we was doing and getting about with it. We would have sex every chance we got. I think we even fooled around when my sister was in the next room. There were so many chances that we could’ve gotten caught, but we never did. It was jut amazing, then one day it stopped. I did not want to do that anymore, and we have had sex in four years. We don’t talk about it either; we never talk about it and when we do go around each other, we act like nothing happened.

I do not know what I would do if my family would ever find out what we done with each other. I know he did tell my sister one time that he did have sex with me, but she did not believe him because she knows that I didn’t like him and would never have sex with him. With all of that, I was cheating on my boyfriend at the time also. So that six whole months, I was having sex with two men. I guess you can call my brother in law my friend with benefits because I did not want to date him or anything, I just wanted sex. I was not getting sex at home, so I had to go out and get it from someone else. At least I knew whom I was having sex with though, but then again he has had sex with my sister. That is just gross though. That makes me sick and twisted person.

This is a family secret of mine and his because he married into my family. I do not know why I ever had sex with him in the first place for. I never found him attractive or anything. I just wanted some excitement back in my life that I wasn’t getting at home from my boyfriend.

Does this make me a sick person? Yes, probably. I know he is not blood or anything, I am not that sick and twisted, but he married my sister. They had a kid together. It is just messed up that I would even do that with him.

I have to live with this guilt forever because I am never going to tell anyone what he and I had done. I am too embarrassed. That is why I came on here so I can get this out and the open.

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  1. Qsera says

    I am sure you are feeling much better now as everything is ‘out’ of your system. As you are not in the same kind of relationship with your brother-in-law like before, so I guess you should stop thinking about it and concentrate on other important things of life. We do make blunders in life so just forget about it and start thinking about your future and try to make it a successful one.

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