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My peeping tom cousin


My peeping tom cousinI guess I was just being generous enough to accept my cousin who is almost 10 years younger than me to live with us. I was the one who supported for his education. When my husband is away, I sometimes catch him peeping at me from the outside through the window in my room. At times I also find his dirty eyes in a hole from our comfort room, which I think was specifically created by him so he can do some peeking. I got so pissed that I literally let him leave my house. I found him so disgusting and repulsive after he did those things to me!

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One thought on “My peeping tom cousin”

  1. Ok ew. If you haven’t had him move out, you need to do so. There is something completely wrong with him peeping on you, especially since you are related. I would boot him out and then I’d tell your parents and his. Something needs to be dealt with here before he says anything that you were making moves on him. Get a handle on that fast girl.

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