My peeping tom cousin


My peeping tom cousinI guess I was just being generous enough to accept my cousin who is almost 10 years younger than me to live with us. I was the one who supported for his education. When my husband is away, I sometimes catch him peeping at me from the outside through the window in my room. At times I also find his dirty eyes in a **** from our comfort room, which I think was specifically created by him so he can do some peeking. I got so pissed that I literally let him leave my house. I found him so disgusting and repulsive after he did those things to me!

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My cousin was peeping on me.

So me and my cousin are really close, he’s like the brother I always wanted, and after collage we decided to get an apartment together to save on the costs of everything, he had his own room, and my boyfriend and I had or own room. It’s really nice having your cousin as your closest guy friend, because you can hang out a lot and your befriend doesn’t feel threatened, because he’s my cousin and I would never do anything with him.

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I Had To Get Rid Of My Cousin

Competitions among cousins are very obvious especially if you are of the same age group. As kids we would never realize this fact but once we grow up, things automatically start coming out. No matter how hard you try to balance a relationship there will be some defects and if the other party is not willing to even out a situation then how can you help? This happened to me too.

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How I Seduced My Cousin

I knew it wasn’t right but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. Every time I saw him at a family gathering I was more and more attracted to him. Yes I know society frowns upon “kissing cousins” but as hot as my cousin is I think society can make an exception.

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I’m a Female Perve who Peeks at my Cousin

Ever since I was younger, I have been obsessed with nudity. For some reason I loved looking at the naked body. I think that it was because I found it much more interesting than clothing and because it was rare to see someone else naked. When I was little I used to sneak and look at dirty magazines with my friends that featured naked women. Late at night when my parents would go to sleep, sometimes I would sneak into the living room and watch dirty movies.

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My cousin is a Prostitution

So I was out with my best friend Darryl; it was the weekend and we were partying and having fun. We ended up staying at a strip club for over three hours and had a blast. We got completely wasted and had the time of our lives. My friend Darryl ended up getting lucky in the bathroom with some chick. She was making eyes at him all night and then when he went to take a leak she confronted him... Read more

deliberately seduced my cousin’s fiancé

My cousin is a really sweet girl of 17 and she is 5 years younger than me. Her older brother’s friend is a 25-year-old guy and she developed a serious crush on him. He realized her infatuation and he’s has been leading her on with it. He even asked her to marry him after she turned eighteen. At least she said he asked her but he didn’t give her a ring.

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I really messed up this time

I really messed up this time time and the bad part is that I blamed it on somebody else. My parents were out of town for the week and I had to take care of my little brother and the house for that matter.

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Threesome is fun than enjoying with one

A few days ago I went to visit a younger cousin in another town. We both decided to go out and get some dinks and chic as well. I had planned that we would be back to my hotel room, chat about old days and get some more alcohol back. However, I never had a clue what was going to happen to me that night. It was fun, but I was dead tired.

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  1. CougarLady says

    Ok ew. If you haven’t had him move out, you need to do so. There is something completely wrong with him peeping on you, especially since you are related. I would boot him out and then I’d tell your parents and his. Something needs to be dealt with here before he says anything that you were making moves on him. Get a handle on that fast girl.

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