Polygamy Diary


Polygamy DiaryI wasn’t raised into the polygamy lifestyle I’m living. Most of the other women in this colony are used to the men having numerous wives, and some are the daughters of polygamist fathers. I chanced upon this way of life by accident when I was out hitchhiking away from my abusive upbringing. The man that picked me up was 20 years older than me, and he already had four wives. I suppose that makes me Fern the Fifth.

My father beat my mother and all of his children regularly and severely. I finally had enough and I ran away from it. I guess the horrible situation I came from made just about anything look better and that included my getting married to an older man with four other wives whom I knew I would never really love. I wish the world were a place where children grow up safe from abusive parents, but I don’t know how that could be ensured. I do know that nasty childhoods tend to lead into nasty adulthood too.

The man that picked me up when I was hitchhiking realized that I was desperate and vulnerable. He took advantage of that and offered me care in his family. I didn’t realize that meant being one of the plural wives of a polygamist until I was already in too deep to turn back. The religious enclave where these polygamists live is in a very remote area, and I didn’t have a ready means of escape. I didn’t have money to get away either.

The whole marriage thing came up quite suddenly to. At first he was just offering me a place to stay until I could get on my feet, and before I knew it, I was engaged to the old goat. The marriage ceremony was held in the local church, and there was no paperwork portion of the process, so I have to assume I’m not ‘legally’ married. On the other hand, I don’t think polygamy is legal anyways so how could it be a legal marriage. I bet gay couples have a better chance of getting official recognition than polygamists do.

I’m planning on writing more episodes of this polygamist diary, and right now my new husband and I are on our honeymoon. We haven’t gone anywhere but for right now he is leaving the other wives alone sexually while he is concentrating on me. Fortunately, I still have some contraceptives left from my life before being in this isolated colony and this bigamist relationship. I don’t want any kids to hold me trapped here.

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Polygamy Diary Two

My new husband is twenty years older than I am and he has four other wives. He’s physically repulsive to me as well but he has one thing to offer me right now and that is security. I have somewhere to stay with him and without this polygamist marriage I’m in, I would likely be hitchhiking to further uncertainty. My situation in a loveless plural marriage to a religious fanatic seems horrid and it is but it’s still preferable to my continued existence with my physically abusive father.

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  1. D.Frisella-Smoley says

    Why are you there if you don’t like it? Why don’t you run away again, so to speak? Or at least why didn’t you refuse the marriage?

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