SECRET DESIRES OF A NUN AND STUDENTLife is a discovery process. The more you live it, the more you find out just about some of the things that are unexpected. Of course when we are born, no one tells you this is the path to follow, and this is not the way to go. We take each day as it comes. And every day has its highs and lows. In every place too, there are people you meet. Some are really essential, while others could as well have been the other part of the human race you should never have come into contact with. But then, our paths are already curved for us. We have little or no control of whatever each day and each person has to contribute to our lives.

I went to high school as a sweet innocent. It was a mission catholic school with so many strict rules to be followed. Being the obedient girl I was, I never found life impossible as some of the difficult students did. I made it a rule to do what was right every time. Perhaps this is what led our Religious teacher to be fond of me. She was a nun. All the time, she mentioned my name fondly. Whenever she gave examples of good students, mine was the first to be mentioned. This drew hatred from other students who felt I was being favored too much. Normal, I thought to myself. Rebel students never liked the obedient ones. And I was not going to be rebellious to please anyone. Not ever.

The friendship between me and the nun continued. Anytime she needed someone to send, she chose me. One time, she sent me to take a letter to the Catholic Father who was at the convent at games time. Being the sweet innocent, I did as ordered. The moment I knocked on the door to the Father’s study, the door swung open. This caught me by surprise. Later on, I discovered that there was a window which showed anyone who was coming to the study room. Meaning Father saw you the moment you were on the path that led to his study long before you knew it. The way he looked at me was numbing, but I was on an errand, so I ignored his crazy look.

This messenger job on my part between Sister and Father continued. I got so many goodies in return until it became an obsession to receive. Then the worst thing happened. Father began seducing me as well. I tried to remain unattached, but he insisted until I gave in as well. So it was one woman, one girl and the Father. We played it cool with Father, but nothing can be kept secret for long. One day, Sister sent me to take a letter like she used to do. When I took the letter there, Father began fondling and kissing me. Just then, Sister burst into the room. It was the worst nightmare for me. If it were not for Father being a diplomatic man, I would have been sent away from school. He accused Sister of having set him up with me. He made it sound so bad that Sister sought a transfer. I too, never went back to the study room again.


I Sext Daily on my Phone

I guess you could say I am your average guy. Women usually think that I am attractive, but I am not Brad Pitt or George Clooney or anything. I have a job as a web designer for a pretty big firm. I am also married, and I have one daughter that I adore. We spend a lot of time together on the baseball field since she plays softball every year. She is the best, and I wouldn’t trade her for... Read more

What I Have Learned During the First Year of My Marriage

When I got married, I only thought about what made my husband and I compatible with each other. During my engagement and the wedding itself, I was only thinking about the positive aspects of our relationship. This is common for dating couples, especially when overwhelmed with joy. Everyone who gets married experiences changes during the first year of marriage. For me, this was a time where I had to work and focus on using the changes positively, for my personal... Read more

I hate my best friend

Let me explain a little. I had a HUGE crush for MONTHS. I went to her house one day and she said that he asked her out. I cried on her shoulder, but she told me she said no; so I felt a bit better. But we ended up getting a bit high and she told me she said YES. I forgave her but now I hate her. I don't want to talk to her EVER again. I HATE her. But I don't... Read more


I have a few things to share. Things I haven't ever told. This might be a little long. I was seven. A memory that I blocked for so long I barely remember. I was in the bathroom, at my dads friends house. My dad's friend came into the bathroom. I remember bad things happening, but nothing detailed enough. At age nine, I started self harming. Scratching and biting myself at first. My grandmother died, and I was depressed. I wanted to die. So I got... Read more

My conscience talks to me

Many years ago, when I was in my graduation year, I did something horribly wrong. After almost 10 years, I still regret it to this day. It is such a heavy secret that it is slowly eating me up from within. It was our graduation prom night, and we were all excited. We had spent days planning, shopping and getting ready for the big night. I, along with my two best friends, was to party with some of the boys from our class after the prom.

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Trying to Lose Weight After Having a Baby

After having my second baby, I have been trying to lose the pregnancy weight. My first child was born almost five years ago, and I still have not managed to lose the weight and reach the size I was before I had kids. Now that I have had my second child, I have gained even more weight. I know anyone that sees me would think that I look amazing for having two kids, with the youngest only being two months old, but I feel huge. I know being a size one is not a big deal, but when you were a double zero before having kids, a size one feels huge. I want to have my normal, flat stomach and be the perfect size again.

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I Only Drink Juice in Order to Lose Weight

Even as a kid, I was always kind of chubby. My weight gain continued into my teen years and my college years. I am now in my mid-twenties, and I recently decided that I was tired of being chubby. I hate going into clothing stores like Forever21 and there only being a couple of options for people of my size. I want to be able to shop at the same kinds of stores as people my age and actually find... Read more

I Am in Love with My First Love, and I Cannot Let My Husband Know

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I Am Having an Affair with My Boss

I am going to get straight to the point on this. I have been guilty and suffering from a bad case of self-pity and regret that I cannot stand anymore. My husband and I have been married for only four years, and we dated for six years before then. I would say that we have a good relationship. We were friends first and are able to talk about anything. He truly is my companion, which makes it even worse to... Read more


  1. A.C.Hitsman-Cordingly says

    That is not good. Two of your mentors sought to seduce you and almost succeeded. They should not be putting you in that position and you should not feel like you have to be good to gain their trust and rewards. You are your own person and you should do what you feel is right and you should live your life the way you want to live it. Do not let anyone control you or make you do something that you don’t want to do! If you feel like you have no one to talk to then you are wrong. I am sure there are people around you who genuinely care about your happiness and your welfare. If you feel like you can’t trust anyone around you then you can always talk to an anonymous person. Above all make sure that you are happy with your life.

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